Superlauncher – Prism

For some of you maybe a bit too experimental and strange, but a big part of my musical life, since yesterday my album “Prism” is out. Under my alias “Superlauncher” I did this “almost beatless mixture of liquids and gases, a deep submerging” Drone-album.

And for you moviemakers, this stuff is free under the CC, so you can use it wherever you want.

“After his successful Catalysm album on UNOIKI in spring 2012, Superlauncher fills the air again with a slightly different record. This step forward is a almost beatless mixture of liquids and gases, a deep submerging ambience which takes you into a foggy night alone in the deep woods of his home.”

Download for free:

UNOIKI`s next “New Caledonia” is out.

New Caledonia is an island in the Pacific Ocean.
It is so far away from the rest of the world, that it seems to be a perfect hide-away and a projection of our innermost desires and dreams.
One of our UNOIKI artists is moving to this beautiful place and so it just was perfect for us to reflect about our vision of paradise, about our dreams and desires, about change and exploration and courage, but also about loss and all, what you leave behind.
Design and packaging is invented by our man Jonathan Mangelinckx again, who produces all covers by hand himself!

My submission for this wonderful concep-album is the track Open Water. I sampled a lot of watersounds and combined them with glitchy beats and a classic anaolog synthline in the second part of the the track.


New album out: Superlauncher – Catalysm

It`s done! My next album is finished and will see the light of day on 1 May 2012. Catalysm is the first album under my alias Superlauncher, which I have done several electro-releases in the past. But for this one I made all the things more organic and melodic.
Stylistically, I’m moving in Clicks n Cuts, Ambient, IDM and even dubsteppish sounds.
The album will be released on the Dr. Nojoke launched Berlin Artists-Collective UNOIKI and comes as a limited CD and as digital download. Watch out for this very nice created digipak made by Jonathan Mangelinckx which fits perfect to the mute of the album.

Read also the nice review at
Order Catalysm at UNOIKI
Download the freebie Facet, which was made with the sounds of all tracks of the album

My first ambient release: Logic Moon`s Polygon Garden

My first ambient record is out on the nice label archiac horizon.
Ambient music is one of my passions and today my first record under “Logic Moon” is out. Recorded noises out of my garden, guitar improvisations and some other deep and peaceful sounds.
Stay tuned, I finished my debut album in the kind of music in fall 2011.

Keinzweiter – The Oceans Between Us

Huh, here it is, my second release in the last 6 weeks. For this time it`s more a house and microfunk than a spacy detroit electronica one garnished with deep and dusty hords and sweepy melodies. Thanks to Tom Ellis, Tilman and Leif for the remixes and minordust for the release. Download it here and let it funk you up.

Keinzweiter – Solarplexus

After a longer time of no release, here`s my recent five track EP called “Solarplexus” which comes out on spontanMusik. With this record I go more into melodic, deep, warm and sometimes detroitish sound. It is not a danceable release again, but some of you will hopefully play it as well. The download is free on spontanMusik, but there`s also a bandcamp release.

UNOIKI – Redefinition (1+2)

For UNOIKI I`m doing the mastering and some tracks I released on the well designed CD compilations. One of the them is the new remix-project  REDEFINITION. Soon there will be a second one which is in my ears a bit better than this one.

For REDEFINITION twenty-two carefully selected producers from diverse fields from all over the world had been asked for participation:

new upcoming talents as well as established artists – all of them standing for a highly interesting, exciting and unique style somewhere between dubstep, dubtechno, drone, glitch, sound-art, minimal, techno, house, IDM – always with an experimental approach right in the sense of UNOIKI.

Redefintion 1 – undefined compiles the first half of remixes of all tracks from the album UNdefinition, refined and made-up for a fine listening experience on a strictly limited CD in an edition of just 100 copies.

Jonathan Mangelinckx is responsible for the artwork and the book-sized handmade fold-up cover, which reflects the abstract music with its unusual design in a perfect way and which in a way stands for an implied and unspoken UNOIKI statement:

You have to explore it to understand it!

Check it out