Working on the documentary “From Business to Being”

I`m working on a very interesting documentary called ” From Business to Being“, by Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber which tells the story of three executives who are looking for ways out of the »hamster wheel«. Their fears, their patterns of thought and actions inducing stress become visible. And so does their conviction that change has to start with an inner awareness. The movie shows how they free themselves from the grasp of stress through meditation and other approaches, and how they develop an openness toward innovative thinking and acting by an awakening for the now.

Check out the trailer made with my music and maybe crowdfund some money this project still needs you!

Superlauncher – Prism

For some of you maybe a bit too experimental and strange, but a big part of my musical life, since yesterday my album “Prism” is out. Under my alias “Superlauncher” I did this “almost beatless mixture of liquids and gases, a deep submerging” Drone-album.

And for you moviemakers, this stuff is free under the CC, so you can use it wherever you want.

“After his successful Catalysm album on UNOIKI in spring 2012, Superlauncher fills the air again with a slightly different record. This step forward is a almost beatless mixture of liquids and gases, a deep submerging ambience which takes you into a foggy night alone in the deep woods of his home.”

Download for free: