Working on the documentary “From Business to Being”

I`m working on a very interesting documentary called ” From Business to Being“, by Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber which tells the story of three executives who are looking for ways out of the »hamster wheel«. Their fears, their patterns of thought and actions inducing stress become visible. And so does their conviction that change has to start with an inner awareness. The movie shows how they free themselves from the grasp of stress through meditation and other approaches, and how they develop an openness toward innovative thinking and acting by an awakening for the now.

Check out the trailer made with my music and maybe crowdfund some money this project still needs you!

Logic Moon – Altrhein

This winter I have produced a lot of ambient music, featured by fieldrecordings around my home and my guitar. While I still searching for a label which wants to release my latest album, I`ve decided to release this bunch of tracks as an album via Bandcamp. It`s just about the love of the sounds of my home while winter. Release is free as Bandcamp has enough free slots. Otherwise feel free to set up a few coins for this one.

Logic Moon – Herbst11

I have made this album as a fieldrecording-project using only sounds directly from my neighbourhood. All came together in fall 2011 when I recorded all the sounds with a fieldrecorder. A week later I processed the stuff and did all the composing work using guitars and a Laptop. Two years later I decided to release it as a free record.
The most sounds you hear come from outside, processed guitar and foundsounds, I used synthesizers to feature the voicings.

released 17 September 2013
Cover by That`s K
Download here:

Keinzweiter (K2TR) – Holy Smokes EP

First Keinzweiter release since a longer time. After I announced a new alias for that project ,-K2TR which is the international spelling for it- this one is the first of a series of upcoming releases, including one vinyl.
I promise you, I will release every track I`ve done in the last two years within the next months, including some re-releases of very old rare vinylstuff stuff before I will spend my energy to new projects especially Logic Moon, which I`ve made a long array of tracks in the last two years. I also plan a new labelconcept, so stay tuned…

The Holy Smokes EP comes on the Italian label “Mussen Project”, which is well known for its high quality deep-house out put in the last years and includes 5 Tracks with a techno-house approach with my own K2TR-twist.
Get the tracks via iTunes, Beatport, Juno and some other stores around.

New Mix

Another glitchy, wonky, abnormal, galactic, occult and alchemical dj-mix.
Don`t be scared, listen and dance and don`t forget to take drugs as much as you can while listening and dancing.
This is unprofessional music for drunken people with a bad musictaste.

Tracklist? Fuck off! 🙂

Supralist – Lazortooth is out

It only was planned as a simple beattape, but now it has developed to a full album. Lazortooth has grown in years of experimenting with hiphop and urban bass music combined with glitches and big additive synths. Some tracks are going into a very hard and confused direction, while others are more ballads with lots of simple melodies in it. Lazortooth is a bassalbum, not more not less and it`s out for free on the new designed website. Take a listen, get it for free or buy it in better quality at bandcamp!


UNOIKI celebrates its third anniversary with a special jubilee edition:
Sixteen tracks spread over two CDs hold in a handmade packaging in four different artworks! Bang!

Each packaging is a foldable poster and sculpture let you explore space, light and music in a very playful and extremely beautiful way. For the first time Jonathan Mangelinckx used photos for his artworks.

Music-wise choenyi from Asheville, USA, is back on board. He provides a further track with Easy Listening, his platform for microtonality, showcasing a session together with Daniel Abide on two 12 edo guitars.
Another new name here is Paralelo, a collaboration with J-Lab and Dr.Nojoke, who are working for one year on their album for UNOIKI based on their Berlin Wall of Sound project (realised live to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2009).
This is a first exclusive insight into it.
Tendts is the moniker of the Greece brothers Fotis and Christos Papadakis (aka Trigerfinger) researching on complex, abstract and melodic bass music.
DDrhode is nobody else than the Iranian Sohrab, who is known through his drone-ambient album on Touch. As DDrhode he explores deep and minimal House a la Farben (Jan Jelinek).
All others may not be introduced anymore.

Let´s get surprised!