Keinzweiter (K2TR) – Holy Smokes EP

First Keinzweiter release since a longer time. After I announced a new alias for that project ,-K2TR which is the international spelling for it- this one is the first of a series of upcoming releases, including one vinyl.
I promise you, I will release every track I`ve done in the last two years within the next months, including some re-releases of very old rare vinylstuff stuff before I will spend my energy to new projects especially Logic Moon, which I`ve made a long array of tracks in the last two years. I also plan a new labelconcept, so stay tuned…

The Holy Smokes EP comes on the Italian label “Mussen Project”, which is well known for its high quality deep-house out put in the last years and includes 5 Tracks with a techno-house approach with my own K2TR-twist.
Get the tracks via iTunes, Beatport, Juno and some other stores around.

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